Written Corrective Feedback by Bitchener and Noch (2009) Booom!- Metalinguistic explanation


Well, again I came along to WCF (Written Corrective Feedback), which became part of my study. In fact, the class session was dedicated to WCF, and we were discussing nothing but WCF. It would make on my nerves but, something we learnt something new about WCF. We knew there are two type of WCF, which are direct and indirect. And now we know one more which is –Are you ready to hear? Booom!- Metalinguistic explanation.

Generally, we were discussing this topic ever since I entered the AUA building, how ironicJ . For me, I would use red-pen for giving direct feedback. Some say, it would discourage students, and affect their learning process. I do not think so; first we should consider that this result was made based on research, which in its turn has been done in the Western environment. Maybe, this findings and suggestions do not work for our Armenian students. So, we need to do a research to find out do our students demotivate when they receive red-pen direct written feedback?

Talking about my demotivation, I can say that the topic for the first class was chosen unsuccessfully. Let’s wait and see next topic would be.


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