Balancing Content and Language in Instruction: The Experience of Immersion Teachers- Cammarata & Tedick (2012)


Today my peer and I presented on of the newest scholar for all of us. I wanted to surprise our instructor, but he knew the author;-William Labov. When choosing the scholar, I suggested my peer to take a bio of a scholar from the subfield of applied linguistics that our class has never came along with. So we decided to take from sociology field. That was interesting and interesting (I hope)J!

Another interesting scholar was presented by another our group-Merrill Swain. It was very well presented.

During the regular class session we dedicated the first help of the class session to the discussion of the article, which was being summarized by a new group each time. The was about the experience of Immersion Teachers; It was an interesting article as it look how the language is taught in students’ second language, that is in their language as well as not in target language but in their second one. If you are interested you can go to this link and read the article, which I can say is a new one (2012).


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