Investigating the viability of a collocation list for students of English for academic purposes- by: Philip Durrant (2009).



Unfortunately could not be present for this class session. So, I have not so much to write in this reflection, however I have overview of the article that was discussed in the class. This was about   the creation of positional-variable academic collocations.In many academic listings collocation often involves relationships between words which may be separated by other, non-fixed, or semi-fixed words, and which may differ in their position relative to one another.

However from the article it becomes obvious that lists of collocations created up to date and provided to   teachers and learners isn`t sufficient and helpful, because of the fact that most of the lists don`t include potentially- variable items. Therefore this fact should be considered when trying to create new lists of collocations that will serve learners from different academic disciplines.


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