Assessed Levels of Second Language Speaking Proficiency: How Distinct?-Iwashita (2008)


This was the last session of Current issue in Applied Linguistics. Sad, but at the same time I am satisfied, and full of new skills and knowledge. I can say that my expectations are met. At the beginning of this course I was very upset because I wanted to learn and gain something new, I did not want to gain skills and knowledge which we gain from other regular classes. Why? Because our instructor always surprised me with new things and with new materials in his class. So, I wanted this course not to be an exception.

I can say the most important thing in teaching is to be able to surprise your students, makes them always be fresh. So, for this course, I can say that the first class session was boring. But then, boom! Everything changed. New format of presentation; we have not ever presented a bio of a scholar; who cared who the author of the article could be, or where the author is graduated, whether or not he has family. But know we care much moreJ!!

Moreover, this is not the last session but this is the last day of studying in this university. Wow, excited, and ready to share my knowledge, the knowledge which I considered necessary to gain from this university. I the past I was frustrated even when I hear the word “teacher”. I was thinking no way; I am not such a crazy to become a teacher. Now, I can say teaching is become part of me without which I cannot live and cannot live within at the same time, weird I knowJ!

Also, I had pleasure working with my professor and conduct a workshop. This is also one of the tasks which I had to complete for the TE322. Except giving me new skills and knowledge, this course gave me also new experience, in terms of conducting and assisting.

Finally, for future suggestion, I do not know how weird it would sound; it would be better if the course could be conducted also via Skype if in a case someone could not come, he or she can connect via Skype and participate in lesson. This I suggest because, I had to be late and even be absent from this class, and got absence, so alternative solution if you cannot be present physically turn on into our channel TE322 in Skype.


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