Becoming a writer !


One of the things in Languages is that you are always updating your knowledge, learning new things, and trying to look into language from different angles.
So, i am doing the same thing. However, i liked the language as a tool for writing stories. Language gives you the power to express actions happening in your mind. Using nicely chosen words allows you to express your thoughts in a more coherent and beautiful wAy. Language also, is another tool that gives you privilege to express opinion on the story written with the same language.
I had chance to read such opinions on my story, in fact the beginning of my story. It is indescribable to read positive feedback on what you have written. It is my pleasure to feel how writers are eager to read on what would be the next in my story.
Here is some of the feedbacks i received from John Jeffers.

“Nicely portrayed, interest is building which is good. One feels compelled to read on and discover more about this charismatic man.”

“This certainly seems like the beginning of a story, and I would like to read in.”

Another opinion i receive for my story was from Cristina Langley

“good ideas to describe the character – e.g. the sentence about seeing the universe in him which invokes loneliness, looking like a painting – a masterpiece.”



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