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Let’s take more control of students with the help of Tech!!!



I was really disappointed and in some way felt myself very unsafe, when i was informed, better say, when i was given a chance with the rest of my mates to explore TE307 (Technologies in EFL) class students actions. When you see what your peers are doing in the internet at what time, what sites they entered, how many times they are using online space for doing homework, you feel like “heck, what was my last site that i entered?”. From this point i lost my sense of security. I cannot say, that i didn’t know that there are people that control all the actions you do in the internet, but they are quite strangers for you, and we don’t need to bother about it. But here, the case is different. This is from personal and from psychological perspectives.

As for teaching perspectives, taking control of what your students do in online space, is a great chance for your future course development and for changing or for modification of your course. The analytics is a great great tool, which should be used in a clever and proper way. We as the barriers of the most important role as teachers, experiences so many crazy and amazing stuff about technology, that now when we informed and  in some way were taught of how to use analytics for learning development, we became responsible of what we know. Anyway, i can imagine students from other departments if they know they are being controlled by their teachers using Moodle analytics (or by other analytics supporting tool) (>:D devil laugh). 

Concluding this is great to take control of your students, but it is quite uncomfortable to be controlled. (confused)

Colleagues “SHOW MUST GO ON, YEAH!” 😀 😀 😀 😀