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ANOVA VS T-test?


The session was interesting in terms of its content and students were more engaged in the class. We spoke about, longitudinal and quasi-longitudinal research. For me i knew what longitudinal was, but i had some confusion with the term quasi-longitudinal research.
T-test and Anova another hot issues for the researchers to have more understanding of how they will analyze their findings. Many students i notice have the same problem with the understanding of the term. T-test as it is can be dependent and independent. Independent T-test compares the means between two unrelated groups on the same dependent variable. Dependent T-test compares the means between two related groups on the same dependent variable.
Anova in its turn compares means between more than two variables. As our teacher will say-so simpleJ!!!
We discussed an article about the topics that i mentioned above.
Instrumental or integrative motivations more foster learning? Ta-daa, if you want to know the answer look through the articles by Zoltan Dornyei. Good question peer.
Talking about presentations done during the session made me sad, for me the idea of presenting bio of a scholar is presenting something new to your peers. Presenting a scholar from the subfield of applied linguistics, which we haven’t ever heard of. Also, one can present a scholar from the field of language anthropology, a scholar from computing linguistics or philosophy of a language.