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Blogging and Microblogging!


ImageBlogs & micro-blogging are potential tools for interaction, for gaining information. they are just amazing tool  for relaxation for getting in touch with friends, for corresponding with relatives forgetting distance of thousand of miles.  Blogs have 20 and more years history. Since then people started using blog. But i speculate that Blogs and Micro blogging are being used as tools for learning only recently.

One of painful topics for me is the usage of digital tools and social tools among adults of 1990s. (except me of course LOL 🙂 ) Well in the class session, when we were being introduced to blogs and micro-blogging everything was perfect everybody understood what is what. In the evening my mates were like “what are we going to do? how can we create blog, what is twitter?” and stuff like that.


However, i do strongly support the idea of using internet based tools for language learning, and i see blogging and micro blogging as potential tool for teaching. Though, in some way or other, this would be difficult to realize, because from my experience as a teacher, i can say that introducing anything new to the class is always hard and maybe problematic. I think it would be really amazing to have regular class session for blogs and micro-blogging, Imagine every kid, a teenager even an adult is using one or more than one blog or micro blogging tool- Qaiku,  twitter, tumblr, hictu, weibo, me2day etc.   This would be very interesting and motivating for students to share their ideas with classmates via using blogs, taking into consideration the fact, that they will be read not only by their mates but by other people from around the world.

From one side the advantage of using micro-blogging in EFL classroom is to teach students to express their ideas around a certain topic in a definite amount of words.  In other words, write to the point. On the other hand, micro blogging limits the student’s ideas and thoughts and does not give opportunity to write creatively as much as he/she wants. Here comes the need of using blogs, which gives the student chance to freely use the language to express his/her idea in unlimited space. So the modification and the implementation of new methods is the key to the successful language teaching.