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First of all sort out with your first life then succeed in Second Life (SL)



As a teacher i don’t support the idea of implementing the SL in language learning. The idea is more global, than just language learning. There are many points that we should consider, if in some point we want to introduce the SL to the class. First the addiction to the virtual life. There has been known incidents, when students being addicted to the virtual life in this case the SL, couldn’t act freely in real life. The case here, is that we first of all should consider our students age. Imagine your students age is range from 10-16. In this case we can’t implement the SL in the regular learning process;- because this age level students are not yet well adapted in real life and as a result they after spending time in virtual life  cannot find themselves in real communication world.

I am actually talking from psychological perspectives, which some teachers don’t consider when commenting for and/or implementing such kind of modification into language learning.

However, in some way i can agree with the implementation of video/online games in language leaning. In this case we can set time, rules and other necessary regulations to keep in the right track of the learning process, from which both teacher and student will benefit. (https://ripakblog.wordpress.com/tag/videogames-onlinegames-teaching-learning-addiction/)

As it can be seen i’m quite negative towards implementing the SL in my classroom, but still maybe there are teachers who implement the SL in their classroom and are sure that they can handle all the problems that will rise later.

My advice to the teacher of EFL/ESL-Be more creative, as students like crazy and full of creativity Teachers. !!! 🙂 🙂 😀