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What? Digital Storytelling? Wow!!!!!


ImageWhy do tradition and costumes of different nations lives on? The answer is simple- storytelling. From the ancient times grannies told stories of their countries and its tradition to their children, children in their turn told the nation stories to their children. In this way from mouth to mouth the nations’ costumes, history and tradition exit here and now.

Nowadays, storytelling has become to be in use as a potential tool for language learning. Making parallel with old times storytelling requires collaboration between listener and the teller. When i was young i used to make stories for me. I considered it to be very boring hobby. But now, when i made my first  public digital story , i feel satisfied, because i made something to share with others  and to receive opinions and feedback.

21st century is full of surprises, especially with the invention of computers. I can say for sure now that one of the best tools for language learning is digital storytelling.

Digital storytelling allows students to collaborate to raise questions and get the answers from peers or from teachers. Digital storytelling gives students opportunity to work their creativity.

Besides, storytelling activates all four language skills;- listening, when you listen to your peers creation, speaking-when you make story and imitate the sounds, reading-when you read the script of your peers’ story, and finally writing-when you write and create story, which will further become animated with the appropriate tool. (Microsoft Movie Maker etc.)


I never thought of digital storytelling so seriously. Now, this will give my students to create stories and share them in their blogs and in their social networks. This means, collaboration not only between students, but between websites  as well.

Here’s my story, which i created myself based on a personal experience. I used Microsoft Movie Maker for my visuals. So watch and think about those who you miss much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIzxxQsAaUQ&feature=youtu.be