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English as a Lingua Franca: concepts, use, and implications- Alessia Cogo (2011)


Many will agree with me, that something has happening with English language. Why? Why is that that English became the main language or at least one of the main languages in the world?  In fact, it is because of the globalization. Second, I have read that in 1973 when Britain and Ireland became part of EU (European Union) English language become one of the nine official languages as well (including, French ). Later on, French and English started to be considered “The only official languages”.

Third, as the database was all in English, scholars had to write and publish their publications in English, everything you needed you could find only in English. I guess, that’s why English is so popular.

So, English becomes truly an international language. If you want to have business partners, learn English, if you want to study abroad you are most welcome but first learn English!

Moreover, there are different Englishes. That is, you can learn English as a foreign language; other can learn it as a second language. For instance, in Armenia English is taught as foreign language, but in India English is taught as a second language.

At last, if we remember one of Bible events, people were trying to build a tower Babylon to reach the God. As we know God got angry and change everyone’s languages so that no one could understand the other and consequently if there is no specific language no one would understand the other, there would be no collaboration and at last no tower. The same is here, trading and studying abroad is developing so people feel the need of one language to be understood everywhere, so English is that very language.