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Put all tech and online learning tool names under one !


I liked this part of Technology class, because we were asked to investigate by ourselves about the two concepts LMS and VLE. We one of the successful steps in learning is to know the history of what your are going to learn. So the same is here. Well, logically we can understand in some way what means  learning management systems and virtual learning environment. But to understand the real essence of each concept I dive into the internet and started to investigate what each concept is aimed for. PLE-618x800 daves-blog-2-298x300

LMS is for learning but in a virtual space. Imagine you are a teacher of say English language, and you don’t want to spend too much time on explaining homework to your students. For that reason you create space where you can put all necessary materials and resources for your students connected to your subject. One of such bright examples is Moodle, which helps to organize virtual learning. So, i felt myself teacher in the Moodle. I accessed it as editor, and included several activities in it. That was really interesting and engaging. When you are using online learning tool fully. (when all items are purchased)

Another not less interesting and interactive source for teachers are Edmodo, Twiducate, which is another alternative to Moodle, but with less plugins and widgets.

Talking about VLE, that is virtual learning environment. From first sight, no one will recognize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Skype, Mail under the description virtual learning environment. Image

Now it is obvious that VLE is for individual virtual environment to learn to communicate with friends, to access and use of online resources.

However, I started thinking of my future concentration in teaching. Language and technology. So i guess i should start searching universities with such department (LOL).