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Give me three days, and I will show you what I can!! (Ripa 2013)



First of all I want to mention that video production is one of the modern technologies in language teaching. The process of making our own video was very engaging, interesting and fun for us. The video production that we chose to do was not that easy, because we decided to be the actors ourselves, so it really took a lot of time, energy, but it was really fun. I think that this type of work would not be realized without our collaboration with each other. All of us participated in the process and put a lot of energy in that.

Making a short film was completely a new experiment for us. All the video tutorials were helpful for that, which also gave us a lot of insight about the film production process in general. This is one of my passion, to be fully and completely devoted to art particularly to film production. Since childhood, I had a dream to be actress, when I was in my high school and when the time had come to decide which profession to choose, I wanted to be film director. The feeling when everyone is under your control, they do what you ask them.

Anyway, I was fully satisfied from our film production. My group, which is consisted of 5 girls, became real team, and we were collaborating like real professionals.  Talking about the planning and the process of script, I can say that I haven’t ever been in such a crazy and fun discussing situation.  

I think this experiment was very useful for me as a language teacher. I myself, as a student, like to learn something with video tutorials, thus I will try to make such short videos for them to make the learning process easier, fun and meaningful.