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“The World is flat” by Thomas Friedman



This was mind blowing book. The book “the World is flat” discusses about the flatness of the world in a metaphoric way. The book consists of 3 chapters, each touching different problems, like The triple convergence, The great sorting out and the further. Besides, Friedman talks about everything but at the same time about nothing. He talks about globalization, which resulted in the flatness of the world. 

  What i liked most in this book is that it gives dates and names of such things which i personally will never search in google. For instance, i knew that internet and the transmission of data is made with the help of something but  i didn’t know that thing is called “Fiber optic cable”.  Another amazing fact which i discover in the book is the Fall of Berlin Wall in 1989. Friedman talks also about ten “flatteners” in  chapter 2 which are as i mentioned #1 The fall of Berlin Wall #2 Netscape #3  Workflow software, i liked most of all this flattener, as this resulted to the collaboration on more different things, that is if in 1990s universities or schools offices couldn’t connect with each other through Microsoft for  sharing or sending application, now the connection became more and more easy.
#4 Uploading, #5 Outsourcing, #6 off shoring, #7 supply-chaining, #8 In sourcing-again talks about the collaboration between people and companys which is done through UPS, #9 Informing, and #10 The “Steroids”- the wireless internet connection, which gives people opportunity to connect with each other from different parts in the world.In fact the flatness means globalization, which in its turn from positive side brought to the collaboration between people all over the world either via using new technology or by breaking boundaries between each other in this way make the collaboration easier.  In more concrete and short description Friedman tried to collect all the information about globalization in one book.

This has some implication in teaching and learning. For instance, people can learn languages and communicate with each other through internet. in this case internet becomes the toll of flatness of the world.