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(credits from: globolstaff.com)

I was watching a film about  internships who were taking their practicum in Google. From that moment i fell in love with the idea working in Google decisively. I started swiping every corner in the Google about vacancies about mechanism how it works.

Interestingly enough i found out for myself a very sad fact. In many countries’ population especially in armenian society, people use software! they just use it without reading the instruction how and why they can use this or that software. It is a bright example of a man/woman buying a baby food and eating it, because it is meant for eating, it is the same food as a hamburger. Anyway, i really loved the way Google is organized, the way how it shows you the insight into the Google. Besides, i also found out that edu.aua.am which is one of the Google mailing list, will not allowed its users, that is students and university members to send or receive or post a picture in the Picasa (as an example) if the administration thinks it contains any harm.

So colleagues and my dear professors be careful we are being watched 😀 !!!