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Collaboration!!! connections between the Hole in the Wall project by Sugata Mitra, Digital Youth Portraits and Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat”.



Everything in this world is interconnected. We can always find answers and connections between things and phenomenon. The same thing is here; Sugata Mitra in his speech mentioned about “The Hole in the Wall”, Thomas Friedman used the word “Collaboration” and in six other videos of Digital Youth Portraits i could hear the words “Collaboration”, “Working together”, and “helping each other as partners”. Sugata Mita talked about “Hole in the Wall”. when they put the computer in the hole made in the wall of their office, children who knew nothing about computer and English, started using it all by their own, and after some time Sugata found out that kids talked with each other using some English words like close, delete, open and so on. This resulted that kids became self educated, and they found no barriers while using  the computer.

In Digital Youth Portraits and in Friedman’s “The World is Flat” i could see more similarities. Kids became better partners when start using technology mainly computers to find more opportunities to serve for their needs. So the connection between these three materials is not just in collaboration but rather using technology.