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Think Globally, Act Globally : Comment on Digital youth portraits!!



This I call new tech generation. The most appealing  for me is that all five stories are interrelated and interconnected with each other via using technologies by KIDS. The most which i liked is that all six kids wanted to use what they searched for, and their parents let them go with what they have. But in 1997s, kids like us didn’t even know what means computers, ipods, ipads and cellphones. We only dreamed of having those cute copybooks with beautiful pictures on it to show our classmates how cool copybooks we had. Now in 21st century, kids from 3rd grade have i-phones, i-pads, computers and i-pods even cooler than those of teachers’. And these kids get frustrated if one of their classmates have more powerful device than they have.

   This is really an amazing change, change that leads to the promising future- Future which is called “i-world”, in which kids have leading roles and parents are the followers. From the teacher’s perspectives, I encourage the idea of kids using and being developed with the help of technology. For instance, in one of the videos the girl didn’t have computer at home, but she used every opportunity to work with it, as a result working with the computer, and texting with cellphone, raised the intellectual level in girl’s brain, which in its turn resulted that she became one of the best students in school.

However, in Armenia trying to integrate new technology in learning, is one of the biggest problems. If compared with America, they have all the opportunities and budget to supplement schools with technology. Our country is a developing one, and yet cannot afford such supplements in every school. Though in some language centers there are computer assisted learning courses, but this cannot be generalized for all learning centers including schools. That’s why i always encourage my students, my relatives’ kids to use computers and cellphones and gain interesting information, watch programs via using internet which they don’t hear or watch in their every day life. Image