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The Impact of Physical Environment on Learning- Woolner et al (2007)


Once i was giving private classes at home. One day I had regular class session, unfortunately I forgot to turn on heating. So, when my student came the first thing she noticed was it was cold at my home. So, during the session she was disrupted saying “she is cold”. My point is that the learning environment is very important both for teacher and the student.

During our class we were discussing the same issue; many peers were suggesting a specific environment for learning.

Also, I liked the activity the instructor gave us, we should and dig in the internet and find specific classroom design pictures which we would like to see. After it we had to upload it in a space provided in our Moodle page. I saw very creative and interesting interiors for classrooms. But for me, I would prefer to teach my students outside in a nature, in a more authentic environment.