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Welcome to “M”-world!!


When i was a young girl age of 14-15, i was very fond of using internet clubs to access the internet and gaining information which our school teachers didn’t provide. Nowadays, students have access to the internet via PCs, Ipods, Ipads, iphones, smartphones and tablets. However, in 1990s a new technique was used to make the learning process more interesting and more engaging. It was the use of Computer Assisted language learning. As many researches show, this was really a great innovation and modification of teaching and learning methods.

But as it is said, we people are never stopped and satisfied with what we have, we always find new ways to make our life better and creative. For that reason the Mobile assisted language learning (1980s) came to be in use alongside with Computer assisted language learning for the purpose of language learning.


The MALL is all that i wanted really to implement in my teaching. I was even thinking of writing thesis on the implementation of iphone and ipads in language learning. I’m delivering my internship in one of the experimental classes of the university where i study and tools which i use for teaching are iphone for listening activities and ipad for teaching new vocabulary via showing flash cards with pictures from ipad.

However, the problem of using the MALL in Armenian classrooms are whether schools can afford to buy technologies such as Samsung or Apple tablets, which are nowadays are one of the expensive technologies in the markets. Another issue concerning using handheld devices is, whether students can afford buying or having one of the above mentioned technologies. Though i cited above, that students have access to the internet via different tools, it does not necessary means they have those internet supporting tools.

Anyway, I wish all the schools and institutions will have opportunities to provide students with handheld mobile devices.  🙂