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Which part of speech you think you use more when you write papers? H’m, let’s count :) !


One of the amazing things I like in linguistics is every research we read or do is unique. We as researchers in our research touch upon such topics that sometimes no one will ever think of that such research could be done. But before I will explain why I think so, first I will explain and describe the procedure of the course I take which is called current issues in applied linguistics. Every student in each class session should take a paper by an author and make a presentation based on the content of the paper.

I chose a paper on the topic ‘”Structural and linguistic evolution of the English-medium medical research article (1985–2004)”. First I was confused thinking that “what I have to do with medical research article”. Then I went deep into the article, and that was really interesting one. The idea of the article was to find out what parts of speech do medical researchers use in their research article. From the study it was obvious that they tend to use more first person singular.

Besides, during the session we had an opportunity to listen to our peers’ presentation and topic analysis. One thing which frustrates me is the topic on writing, I do not like it what can I do. However, we as future teachers (actually already teachers) should always be aware of writing skills. So, I found out that  I more tend to use “I” when I write, however, in many cases we should exclude “I” and use more view the writing from neutral side.


For What and for Whom Is Our Research? Image

IRB institutionalized review board
Ethical values of the research
Value free research
There are some nuances when asking people to join the studyDiscussing how to make teachers of public schools be willing to participate in the study. This is really a hot issue, because maybe the teachers don’t listen the words which will make them relaxed and not worried, this will result whether they will give you an interview or not.
Wow i am impressed, finally people WE ARE TEACHERs-RESEARCHERS, not just teachers. It means we use concepts and know things, which ordinary teachers have noooo idea. We are doing things (e.g. Research) which other teachers HAVE NO idea what we are doing. But in this case a question arises, what we are doing, including research,  would it be useful, would it be used among the teachers who have no idea about the terminology and the language of the study.
Imagine we published a research which was done to find out whether students cheat during exams. We used research specific language. We found out that school teachers will understand nothing. Thats kind of sad, but that’s we are- Armenians.
To sum up with, the main idea of the article was when we are conducting a research who we are conducting for, for which audience is our research.

Making our brain space 32 instead of 16 GB!


reflection on Guba&Lincoln 2005


Today’s class is more interesting than previous 2s. I can say, i learnt new terms 12 actually, which are really one of those important words whichevery researcher should know. The problem is, whether we could keep all these in mind after some time ago?

We are discussing stance of philosophy and science alongside with religious beliefs. I like the discussion all is going great, but i didn’t hear an opinion that maybe all these inventions, the paradigmatic shift that replaced one’s opinion with another’s boom opinion and ideas, is just as one of the psychologist Marsh added “….. Nothing we design is ever truly novel-every creation effort contains vestiges of what we have experienced in the past”.

So, we need to think of from such points to have clear and more understanding and idea of paradigm and its groupings.

However, the only thing that i don’t like is comparing scientific terms and their explanation with that of religious ones. Well,i don’t have anything against the religious belief and stuff like that, but we are future scientists and we should not compare all the terms with religious beliefs or see what Bible states.

The only thing that i don’t like now is we were asked to find the explanation of terms, but the instructor didn’t mention to find the roots and where it started and by whom. I did it, but no one asked to share. I don’t know, weird kind of!

Next, we are going to do a research but, no one is interested in research itself, well maybe they feel comfortable with their further research but not me, i want to know more, because you know 15 weeks for research methods were not enough to completely be in  that sub field let’s put it in that way.

All other stuff is okay and very interactive as well as engaging.