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Today’s class was fully dedicated to the presentation of bio of a scholar. I think this is one of the successful activities of this course. As my instructor noted once, scholars are also human 🙂 !

I quite agree with him, as sometimes we read article and when we see that the author of the article has a strange name we even do not read his/her name, and in this case it is even useless to talk about finding about his/her biography. The first group presented one of the well-known scholars Boroditsky. For instance, I was always sure that Boroditsky is a man, but fortunately it was found out during the class presentation that Boroditsky is a woman,-Lera Boroditsky.

Another presentation was dedicated to one of my favorite and well-known linguist David Crystal. Amazing linguist! However, I think that such activities are given to explore scholars about whom we as beginner scholar have no idea.

Talking about the articles which are being summarized on daily bases, I can say that we again touched upon the writing topic, but this time on specific software which allows many instructors to check their students’ essays. This software which is called Automated Essay Writing (AES) also aimed at checking students’ proficiency level in writing. Such software mainly are used in such education organizations as TOEFL, GRE and so on.





At last we touched upon one of my favorite topics, and serious topics, which are Google for Education and Cloud Computing.  As i mentioned in one of my previous posts, Google really is a Humans great invention from the point of Technology ( Google). Besides, the case is not that Google is one of the leading Companies in the Internet, but because it is the most organized virtual space i have ever seen. Why? the answer is simple; if you want to create a doc. you are most welcome to the Google Drive , which gives you the opportunity to create docs, online presentation, forms for creating surveys, spreadsheet for in-class activities. Besides, talking about the presentation type, Google online presentation tool is a type of Cloud Computing. This gives you an opportunity to create your presentation, without downloading any extra software. It is done in the internet,  metaphorically in the cloud.  If in some period of your teaching plan to implement Google, then don’t hesitate and use Blogger . This is really a great tool, for writing activities, to engage your students to write and communicate with other edu communities. Finally, if you want to stay in touch with just a right people, and make video and audio calls you should say Google+ here i come.

I can list another three or more Google apps, but the idea is not listing apps, but the quality of each of the apps which can help to make teaching more moderated and for students enjoyable.

And an advise from a Appleholic (LOL) , If you want to keep all your browser history from your iPhone, Ipad,  and other i tech , just download i-cloud to your PC browser, which will help you to have everything in one computer.