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Before implementing anything new on your students, first try it yourself!!!


ImageFinally we touched the topic about the games in EFL classrooms. Saying the truth i don’t like the idea of using video or online games to teach languages. However, several researches have been done, the result of which showed that online games are beneficial for students particularly for beginner level children to enhance their language skills. Though, there are some negative effects, which should be considered before implementing video games in the language classrooms. First, the case with nervousness, which is caused by spending too much time in front of the computer and playing online games. Taking into consideration University students, they also get nervous when spending too much time working on computer.  Second, children become closed in their virtual world, and it becomes very difficult for them to communicate in real world with their mates. Considering these and many other factors there should be relation between teacher and parent, to decide on how, when, and how much time the child should spend on video or online games. Recently, i was listening to a podcast, TED education, and an anthropologist Daphne Bavelier’s speech on how brain reacts on video games. I was in some way surprised to hear that video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help the child learn, focus and fascinatingly multitask. She also mentioned that those who spend more than 14 hours per week playing games, have much more better eye sight compared with those who don’t play video or online games.

So, Colleagues Lets play games. 😀 !!!Image