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ImageOne thing that i like in computers and the internet is that i understand everything very easily. Unfortunately, one thing which frustrated me so far was getting to know WHAT finally Wiki is. The instructor as usual provided us with bunch of materials of what wiki means, but as i am very curious to know more, i searched Google for more information about Wikis. The more i read, the more i got lost in between the lines about Wikis.

After two hours, as a homeless soul of searching way to understand the idea of Wikis, I finally found my way.  As i mentioned in my previous posts (https://ripakblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/blogging-and-microblogging\) one of the best online spaces for collaboration between student-student are blogs and micro-blogging. But wait!!! Here comes Wikis, that facilitates creation and editing of documents by multiple users. I was aware of Google docs, which allows us to share ideas and write simultaneously.

Though, the first Wiki WikiWikiWeb had very interesting story, about where it had got its name, however, i couldn’t like Wikis. For me personally, i will teach my students for creative writing with the help of Google docs or blogging, but Wikis-no way!!!

First, i couldn’t find normal and reliable website to get acquainted with the essence of Wikis.

Second, if teacher is not interested with the tool that he/she is going to teach , then give it up!!!

Third, never stick to old tools, always find new ways of teaching language. For instance, there are tons of blogging sites, but we as teachers should choose the best one and the fashionable one. In this way, our students will be motivated when they see the interface of the site they are going to work with (wordpress.com) . Blogger.com, though another powerful website, but nowadays most bloggers are integrating to WP.

The case here is the same. If we have Google docs, which is one of the leading web brands in the internet world, then why do i need to teach my students to creative writing with other websites.

On this critical note, i would suggest to be up-to-date teachers and always introduce your students the best of best from the internet world. Image