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Which part of speech you think you use more when you write papers? H’m, let’s count :) !


One of the amazing things I like in linguistics is every research we read or do is unique. We as researchers in our research touch upon such topics that sometimes no one will ever think of that such research could be done. But before I will explain why I think so, first I will explain and describe the procedure of the course I take which is called current issues in applied linguistics. Every student in each class session should take a paper by an author and make a presentation based on the content of the paper.

I chose a paper on the topic ‘”Structural and linguistic evolution of the English-medium medical research article (1985–2004)”. First I was confused thinking that “what I have to do with medical research article”. Then I went deep into the article, and that was really interesting one. The idea of the article was to find out what parts of speech do medical researchers use in their research article. From the study it was obvious that they tend to use more first person singular.

Besides, during the session we had an opportunity to listen to our peers’ presentation and topic analysis. One thing which frustrates me is the topic on writing, I do not like it what can I do. However, we as future teachers (actually already teachers) should always be aware of writing skills. So, I found out that  I more tend to use “I” when I write, however, in many cases we should exclude “I” and use more view the writing from neutral side.