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Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching by Blackledge (2010)


This was one of the topics that made a real furor in our class. Students were engaged in class discussion. For me I learnt another word “translanguaging”. In fact, I am still thinking to continue my study and concentrate in theory of teaching and linguistics rather than in practice. 🙂

I think, usage of translanguaging in a classroom would be chaotic, mainly because there are classrooms with diverse students, and if everyone start using languages they are in, it would be the case of Babylon. Well, I am in some way dramatizing! 🙂

Well, I think teacher should not allow students to use translanguaging, as if the aim of the class is to teach students English, then no other language other than target language should be allowed in the classroom. This will help students to acquire another new language.

All in all I would not appreciate translanguaging in bilingual classrooms as well. However, translanguaging will help students to be engaged in class discussions more; as they could ask and answer questions in a language they feel comfortable using code-switching.